The Quintet crest represents the pursuit of balance and a shared experience. Our mantra is that “Great Pinot is made in the vineyard.” Quintet’s goal is to produce and inspire exceptional wine. We believe the most crucial step in obtaining our goals is ensuring that vineyard management understands we are farming for fine wine. We insist on this point, we pay a premium to get it, and through the growth cycle we monitor the vineyard’s progress each step of the way.

By the time the grapes are fermenting, we have used one-third whole clusters to provide a nuanced complexity that defines Quintet’s Pinot Noir. If all goes well (and we have achieved balance) by the time the wine is finished, we have produced an honest and naturally elegant Pinot noir that reflects the vineyard’s unique sense of place and exemplifies its qualities.

For Chardonnay, our discipline is the same, our aim is to produce a Burgundian style wine. We use only Dijon clones 76 and 95, fermentation is sur lie in barrel using neutral French oak, elevage is typically nine to eleven months. Our Chardonnays are flavorful and crisp and a delight to the senses.

Quintet Cellars Pinot Buds

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Bottle Photography by Darrell Peterson Photography, Seattle, WA