Premium Pinot Noir wine begins with premium Pinot Noir grapes; Quintet seeks vineyard partners with non-irrigated vineyards that are “high and dry, old and cold.” This is the text-book or traditional definition of a superior Willamette Valley vineyard. Vineyards that are managed to promote vine balance and excellent fruit in possession of full phenolic development.

Assuming some sort of harvest normalcy, we harvest Ribbon Ridge just before dawn while the vineyards are shaded and the grapes cool. When calling the pick, we aim for physiological ripeness and maximum hang time while keeping a close eye on sugar levels. Our clues to ripeness are chewable, nutlike grape seeds with no bitterness, and skins that give up color and dissolve easily in the mouth. Ideally, grapes come to the winery cool from the night temperatures.

Grapes are sorted and destemmed with 1/3 whole clusters typically in use. Cold soak is brief and fermentation kicks off with native yeast. Temperatures are kept low for most of the fermentation, then allowed to rise toward the finish. Pressing and Extraction is conservative by industry standards. We allow wine to develop in barrel for approximately 18-months, which is longer than the typical 11-months of development used by larger commercial wineries. We purchase 30-36 month aged premium French oak barrels, with preference for the Troncais and Allier forests. Our favorite French Oak barrels are from Cadus, Rousseau, and Marsannay. New oak comprises about 35% of our barrel mix. When bottled, the wine is allowed to bottle age for at least six months before release.

Achieving a finely balanced Pinot Noir is the primary motivation behind every decision Quintet makes. We believe capturing flavor, aroma and color, originates with rigorous vineyard practices intent on yielding extraordinary wine grapes. These premium grapes, ripe with the character of the vineyard, allow us to translate all that defines the vineyard’s unique terroir into an extraordinary well-balanced Pinot Noir.

At the end of the day it’s all about balance. The Quintet crest represents our never ending pursuit of balance that defines all truly great wines.

Our Pinot Line Up – Past, Present, and Future


2012 Pinot Noir

Our 2012 Pinot Noir expresses the terroir of the Ribbon Ridge AVA. Awarded 91 points by the Wine Spectator and Gold at the Oregon Wine Awards. This now sold out wine was made from a combination of Pinot Noir grapes taken from two vineyards within the Ribbon Ridge AVA of the Willamette Valley: the old “Saikkonen Vineyard” and the Dewey Kelly “Ribbon Ridge Vineyard”.

If you’re looking to try this award-winning wine, we will be offering a two case limited release from the Library. Ten cases were committed to the library with two cases being released this season, limit three bottles per order. (Naturally, these wines do not qualify for any discounts offered.) If you miss this release, you’ll have four successive annual releases in which you’ll be able to purchase the 2012.


2013 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

This is the follow up to our award winning 2012 and is made with 100% Ribbon Ridge AVA fruit, sourced entirely from the old “Saikkonen Vineyard”; it was bottled May 15th 2015. This wine shows all the potential of our 2012. We were happy to see that potential recognized at the 2016 Oregon Wine Awards, where it won Best of Show and Double Gold. Become one of first 100 to purchase any of our 2013s and become a Pinot Bud with a discounted purchase price.

2013 Ribbon Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir

This extraordinary wine is made with 100% Ribbon Ridge AVA fruit, sourced entirely from the “Ribbon Ridge Vineyard”; it was bottled May 15th 2015. This wine is drinking very well. Become one of the first 100 to purchase any of our 2013s and become a Pinot Bud with a discounted purchase price.

2014 Lichtenwalter Vineyard Pinot Noir

Bottled May 18, 2016, this 2014 Pinot Noir is made from 100% Ribbon Ridge AVA fruit from Kay and Michael Lichtenwalter’s vineyard on Ribbon Ridge. Using a partial whole cluster fermentation, this late-pick wine is big and full, giving a complex multitude of taste sensations at first blush. Very sassy.

2014 Ribbon Ridge Oregon Pinot Noir

This 2014 Pinot Noir is made from 100% Ribbon Ridge AVA fruit sourced from the old “Saikkonen Vineyard” and follows the tradition of our elegant 2012 and 2013 Pinot Noir. It was bottled May 18, 2016.



All of Quintet’s 2015 Pinot Noir fruit contracts are with vineyards that are “high and dry, old and cold”— beautiful vineyards tucked away within the Willamette Valley and not generally open to the public. Pinot Bud wine club members have the opportunity to attend private events at one of these beautiful vineyards.

  • Lichtenwalter Vineyards, Ribbon Ridge AVA
  • Matteri Vineyard, Yamhill Carlton AVA
  • Lazy River Vineyard, Yamhill Carlton AVA

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Bottle Photography by Darrell Peterson Photography, Seattle, WA