Welcome to Quintet’s “Pinot Buds” Wine Club

The Pinot Buds wine club is a state of mind that takes you from vine to wine. Become a Pinot Bud by signing up and participate with us. The only club requirement is that you enjoy wine.

  • It’s about our communication with you from Oregon Pinot Noir wine country.
  • It’s about keeping you up on developments and building long-term relationships.
  • It’s about purchasing wine when you want it or not purchasing anything at all.
  • It’s about the opportunity to purchase wine before release.
  • It’s about receiving the largest discount if you buy wine before release and about Quintet sharing 50/50 in domestic shipping cost for orders of six bottles or more.
  • It’s about coming to Oregon wine country and letting us help solve questions about your upcoming trip to Oregon and any advice you may need regarding your visit regardless of your decision to buy wine.

Contact us to reserve and purchase wine at a healthy discount before wine is released.

The total amount of wine available for pre-release sale is limited in quantity and once allocated will not be available for further pre-release discounts. Discounts before release may be up to twenty percent. Quintet shares 50/50 on ground shipping cost within the continental United States for orders of six or more bottles.

Pre-release orders are available 90 days ahead of release and an order reserves your allocation for pre-release discounts without charge to you. Reserved wines will be charged 30 days before wine is released. You may cancel your reservation at any time before you are charged.

Once charged all sales are final and wine will be shipped or delivered to you at time of release or upon your shipping instructions.

Contact us at ed@quintetcellars.com for pre-release orders— the Pinot Buds wine club is your club and Quintet’s to share and enjoy together.


Become a Pinot Bud and enjoy Quintet wines.

Quintet Cellars Pinot Buds

PO Box 810-B Lake Oswego Oregon 97034 USA


Bottle Photography by Darrell Peterson Photography, Seattle, WA